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Advertising Review Center (ARC)

  • Problem:
    • 12 departments in 20 divisions needed to update their weekly sales ad comments in 20 spreadsheets by noon every Thursday.
    • Only 1 person could be in the main spreadsheet at a time.
    • A department would create a copy of the file to enter their data.
    • A set range of rows in the spreadsheet were assigned to each department.
    • Each department would then email their copy back to advertising.
    • Advertising would open/copy/paste all the data from each department into the main spreadsheet.
    • Advertising would review the comments and return any that were incorrect or unclear back to the department.
  • Solution:
    • An SQL database was created to store the ad comments.
    • A VB.Net application was created to allow the department to enter their ad comments without having to wait for a file to be unlocked or create a copy of the file.
    • As soon as the department finished their ad comments, Advertising would receive a notification.
    • Advertisng could accept or recject the comment.
    • If the comment was rejected, the department would receive a notication.
    • If the comment was accepted, the ad comment was locked and ready to be sent to the printing company.
  • Estimated Savings:
    • An average of 500 people worked on weekly sales ad comments every week.
    • With the old Excelprocess, each person spent about 60 minutes every week working on ad comments.
    • With ARC, each person spent about 10 minutes every week working on ad comments.
    • 500 x 50 minutes = 25,000 minutes or about 416.67 hours.
    • The average wage was $25 per person.
    • Estimated savings in labor per week (416.67 * 25): $10,416.

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